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  • The Team

    Practice Philosophy:
    "Dr. Gutkin is a proponent of Comprehensive Restorative Dental Treatment, an approach to patient care that focuses on both the management of current problems & symptoms but also the prevention of future concerns. This treatment modality is one that seeks to not only address the dental issues that patients actively present with, but rather to investigate further the underlying causes or habits which have contributed to the creation of these problems initially. Addressing the causes rather than symptoms is the first step towards predictable and long lasting dental restorations, a healthy oral cavity, and most importantly overall body health."
    Environmental Philosophy:
    "Dr. Gutkin loves the beautiful scenery our Northwest home provides, and is dedicating to help reduce the impact Whole Earth Dental has on the environment. When and where ever possible, the office practices Environmentally Sustainable Dentistry by using materials and procedures which reduce waste, increase safe reusability, and minimize our carbon foot print. Outside the office, Dr. Gutkin commutes 13 miles daily by bicycle. While patient safety and adhering to restrict clinical standards for dentistry are always paramount, the practice makes every effort possible to stay as green as possible and encourages patients to do the same by walking, biking or busing to appointments whenever they can. 
  • Dr. Gutkin DMD


      Dr. Eran J. Gutkin is a proud graduate of the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, in Seattle. His bachelors degree in International Studies with a focus on Diplomacy, Peace and Security, was completed in 2005. He is also a 2009 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he earned a Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD). Additionally, Dr. Gutkin is firm believer in life long learning and is a member of three Seattle dental study clubs, and completes approximately 60 hours of continuing education each year.

      Dr. Gutkin has been a resident of Washington State since 1998, completing High School in Colville, WA. Though he currently lives in Whittier Heights just above Ballard, past homes have included the Sandpoint neighborhood, San Jose, CA, and until the age of 10, Tel Aviv, Israel.

     Dr. Gutkin's wife, Emily Schweiger, is Social Worker and a native of Pittsburgh, PA, and works with at risk populations in Seattle including the mentally ill and homeless. They share their home with two dogs, including a 180lb English Mastiff named Duncan, and a pit rescue named Dorie, and are expecting their first child towards the end of 2015.

      In his spare time Dr. Gutkin is an avid gardener and vegetable grower, and an occasional dabbler in amateur Bonsai. Other interests include cycling to work, camping and hiking, cars and movies, though his and Emily's greatest passion is international travel.


  • Catherine Henderson

    Schedule Coordinator/Insurance Billing

    I am a people person and take pride in getting to know who our patients are, sometimes...just by their voice on the phone. Insurance can be confusing because there are so many policies available and coverage levels vary.  Coverage can even change year to year.  I will work with you to help you understand what your benefits are, and how we can help you can get the best dental care possible with the least out of pocket expense.  I specialize in helping you understand your bill and what your insurance coverage is.  Our practice is relaxed and you will feel like part of our family.  We treat our patients with respect and come to work excited to be here each day. I have worked in the dental field approaching 25 years for four different doctors.  Dr. Gutkin is a wonderful doctor, an excellent communicator and it's no secret I am a huge fan!  He will make sure you understand your dental health and what options are available to you before you leave our office.  He is committed to doing what he can to minimizing environmental impact.  As an example he rides his bike to work almost every day of the year, rain or shine.

     When I'm not at the practice, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, cooking and music.  I have performed for many years in several local bands.  I share a songwriting credit with a Grammy and Academy Award winning composer.  So far I've traveled extensively around the US and Canada, to Europe a few times and to Australia.  My husband Mike and I have three adult children and four grandchildren.  A bit of a late bloomer, I graduated from the University of Washington in 2008 with a BA in Humanities.

  • Allison Mettler

    Registered Dental Hygienist

     I grew up in South Dakota on a family farm. In 2010, I graduated from the University of South Dakota with a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Dental Hygiene. I continued to live in Vermillion while working in Iowa to stay close to my brothers who were also attending USD. In 2012, I moved to Seattle for better weather, better scenery, and better entertainment.Currently, I live in Queen Anne with my corgi, Toby. I enjoy being active outdoors, reading, and working on DIY home projects.

  • Lana Raspotnuk

    Registered Dental Assistant

    I am the newest addition to the dental team here at Whole Earth Dental. I went to dental assisting school at Pima Medical College in Northgate, where I also obtained my RDA credentials (Registered Dental Assistant). I was born in Russia, but have lived in Seattle most of my life. These days I live in Belltown with my dog Kona and Dan, my fiancé. I have had the opportunity to work along some very talented dentists and staff. Never a day goes by where I don't try and learns something new. You will find, as I have, this is atmosphere of not only great dental care, but of team support as well. So far, I have met many wonderful patients and enjoying being able to assist Dr. Gutkin

    Dr. Gutkin is one of a kind. He is always ready to listen, explain, educate, and reassure each and every one of his patients. Perfection is always his goal.  He, as well as the entire staff, make every effort to have everyone feel at home when coming in for an appointment.