• After seeing the same dentist for 25 years, I thought it was time for a change. I had my first appointment at this office today. I was thoroughly impressed. His hygienist cleaned my teeth and was very gentle and took her time. She explained everything to me and answered questions. There was no pain whatsoever which is not the experience I have been used to. Next was a consult with the Dr. He took time to get to know me and then did a very complete exam and documentation of my mouth and teeth. He reviewed the Xrays with me and has some very advanced tools such as a camera to show me any issues, concerns, or watch areas. He explained everything. Again this is in contrast to the old school, in and out dentist I have been seeing. His whole staff was kind, happy, and efficient. I am very happy with my experience and I expect to be a patient here a very long time.

    Mike t.

  • Dr. Gutkin is not part of the "old guard" of dentists--the ones who still believe they need to exude authority and make their patients feel stupid in order to be successful. In addition to using modern techniques and equipment, he is honest, and always takes the time to answer questions and explain what's going on. He doesn't sugar coat anything, and when there are multiple ways of doing something, he gives the patient choices, but without overwhelming them. I greatly appreciate his style, and highly recommend him.

    David L.

  • I like the Magnolia location. Small town feel in the bigger city. The whole staff is attentive and the Dr. really took the time to make sure my work was done right and not just rush on to another patient. I also like how they are concerned about the environment and do what they can to conserve resources. I would definitely recommend them to others.